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Here you can enroll yourself or your employess in our online courses.

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Single user only - Choose this to begin right away.
1. Register a useraccount (one by one)
2. Make safe payment via PayPal(by credit card)
3. And you are enrolled
You can have access to the course in as little as 2 minutes

Single or multiuser - Choose this if you need to enroll mulitple users or wish to pay pr. invoice.

Registration is processed immediately, but please allow up to 2 days for completion after signing up!

Why E K U ?

E K U offers the best E-Learning solutions!

Our courses are available 24/7 - 365 days a year you can enroll and complete courses. Enrollment, payment, course completion and print of certificate - All online - when it suits you.

We have the best competencies in the market, and offer more than just courses. We stand by our solutions 100% and are ready to support you, should you have the need.

You can safely select E K U as your supplier - We strive to be the best!


Why E-Learning?

E-Learning as an educational tool provides the opportunity to study when it suits you. Most courses are available 24/7, and can therefore be taken at your leisure. If you have started a course, and an emergency tasks comes in, you can abort the course, And when the task is complete you just start the course again - the course automatically offers the opportunity to continue from where you left. E-Learning gives you the opportunity to test your level of knowledge. Our courses feature small Interaktive assignments, and a test upon completion. As soon as you have completed the course satisfactorily, you automatically receive your certificate of completion by e-mail, and you can choose to print it from your login.

Does it pay?

E-Learning is in every way cost competitive, the cost of E-Learning will almost always be very competitive with other forms training.

Compared with traditional education, there is no wasted time. No travel expenses and no extra expenses for room and board.The fee for E-Learning is typically lower than traditional education fees. Even compared to the state aided AMU courses E-Learning is very competitive.

How does it work?

It takes less than 5 minutes to get started with E K U's e-learning modules

You register an account, sign up for a course and you are ready for the course, which takes place entirely on your terms!

If you do not have access to a credit card, you can enroll by contacting us. We need an email and the studentsname  for a certificate of competence.

If you have many students, or if you wish the opportunity to track your students, we can set you up as a course manager.


Phone: +45 75 170 500 / +45 4140 6700 

E-mail:  support@eku.dk